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Bushing Selection Guide from flatland3d

Bushings are the urethane pieces mounted around the kingpin in the center of your trucks. They provide smooth resistance against turning, and help return the trucks to center when when exiting a turn. Choosing the proper bushings for your setup based on rider weight and riding style will give you the optimal amount of stability and turning ability. In general, harder bushings are more stable at high speeds, and softer bushings make it easier to turn.

Bushing hardness is rated on the Shore A hardness scale, which can range from 60A up to 100A, with higher numbers corresponding to harder bushings. flatland3d bushings are available in the following two hardnesses:

FL3D Soft – 84A (Grey)
FL3D Hard – 92A (Blue)

Rider Weight

First, check the chart for the recommended hardness for your weight range:

Less than 150 lbs – Soft
150 – 180 lbs – Medium (Boosted stock bushings fall in the medium hardness category)
More than 180 lbs – Hard

Riding Style

If you’re the type of rider who spends all their time at full speed, and tend to ride more straight roads or winding paths, consider choosing a bushing a little harder than your weight range suggests for a more stable ride.

If you spend most of your time at leisurely speeds, do a lot of tight carving, or have to navigate sharp sidewalk turns or densely populated areas, consider a bushing a little softer than the chart suggests for easier turns.


Boosted Boards (V1, V2, or V3) have a total of 4 barrel shaped bushings.

Advanced Riders

Keep in mind these are suggestions, and experimentation is the best way to find the setup that feels best for you. Advanced riders will even mix and match hardnesses to further customize their ride feel. A harder boardside bushing can give a stable base, and when combined with a softer roadside bushing can yield a “divey” turning feel. flatland3d bushings come in packs of two to allow you to mix and match to find your perfect setup.

Installation and Fine Tuning

When installing your new bushings, start by tightening the kingpin nut until it’s snug, then tighten one more turn or so with your skate tool. From there, it’s recommended to stand on your board on flat ground and lean side to side, and then make adjustments 1/2 or 1/4 turn at a time until it feels right. Start riding on your new bushing setup slowly, until you have adjusted the kingpin nut to the tightness that feels best. Most riders also suggest that your rear truck should be a little tighter than your front truck for predictable smooth turns. Ride safe!

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